Christine's take on what was cool in the 80s.


TV in the 80′s was sort of funny for me, literally. The comedies are what I remember most fondly and they were excellent too. The Golden Girls and it’s spin off, Empty Nest through to the delightful and biting Designing Women (I was overjoyed to see Annie Potts in a regular show. I loved her in Ghostbusters!) Then there was Night Court, Newhart, Facts of Life, ALF, Who’s The Boss? Growing Pains, Family Ties, Married…With Children, and Cheers. The list seemed endless. There was, of course, drama in the eighties. I recall L.A. Law winning a truckload of Emmys and Hill Street Blues being lauded but I watched neither. I thought L.A. Law was overrated and Hill Street Blues seemed just way too depressing. I did, however, watch MacGyver, Moonlighting, Hunter and, of course, the amazing – Star Trek: The Next Generation, all of which I loved. Drama-wise however, it pretty much began and ended with the wonderful Knots Landing – which was really more a soap. No-one in my family could miss Knots!

The 80′s also seemed big on the mini series, I recall. The highlights of those were North and South (literally everyone I knew watched it) and V, which was amazing and again, everyone I knew watched it.

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