Christine's take on what was cool in the 80s.


It’s possible every teen generation thinks this but – the 80′s was a phenomenal time for music and in turn, the best time to be a teen, music wise. I can’t speak for the Americans but in the UK and Europe there was a tremendous rivalry between Duran Duran, Culture Club and Wham. You could not like all 3 groups publicly or you were branded a traitor and spurned. I was a massive Duran Duran fan but secretly enjoyed Culture Club and Boy George was a breath of fresh air. He was such an amusing interviewee and very charismatic. That’s not a hit at my Duran boys btw. Their interviews were no less interesting and amusing. I especially remember Simon Le Bon pointing out the lyrical genius of ‘war is stupid’ (meow!) Poor Wham, while having catchy tunes aplenty, were nearly always a poor third to the big two here. See the sub menu for more amazing music such as The Eurythmics, Michael Jackson, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett etc

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