Christine's take on what was cool in the 80s.

The Empire Strikes Back – 1980

Those of us who were kids in the 70′s will know how huge Star Wars was. Worldwide. My brother in particular was the perfect age for Star Wars and the toys that came with it. But I digress. As kids we didn’t really know there would be a sequel to the first film so when the ad for Empire came on TV- we were there. Many SW fans will say this was this best film of the trilogy but not for me. That will always be Star Wars HOWEVER – Empire was amazing. My brother and I will never think there’ll be a cooler character than Boba Fett. The evolving love story of Han and Leia was perfect and OMG the shock of Han frozen in carbonite and carted off by Fett! Perhaps oddly, that overshadowed the shock of Vader being Luke’s father for us. My mum fell in love with Yoda and who knew he could get the X-Wing out of the swamp? There is, sadly, one gaping plot hole in Empire that ruins it for me. My brother and other SW fans try valiantly to explain it away but at the end of the day you just can’t. In the time it took the Millennium Falcon to fly to Bespin and for Leia and Han’s short stay, Luke apparently almost completed his Jedi training on Dagobah – which we’re led to believe has taken waaaaaaaay longer than a few days. Grrrr. Overall though – Empire is a cool flick and I enjoy it just fine.

Was there ever a cooler character?                              Epic romance.                           I still cared about Luke.

Additionally, the AT-AT’s and other special effects once again piqued my interest in film. How did they do it!? How did everything seem so real when I knew perfectly well it wasn’t? I needed to know and thanks to ILM (and James Cameron) I now know how everything is done – which satisfies me greatly :D