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Rob Lowe

As Billy

As I stated on Rob’s actor page, I was never really into him as an actor per se, simply due to the films he was in. (That’s excluding The Outsiders & St. Elmo’s Fire of course). However, while flicking through my teen mags you simply couldn’t miss Rob. He was – rightly – in all of them. Like Matt Dillon (my first heartthrob), Rob was a staple in the American teen mags (I don’t recall him in the English ones) and I became a fan simply because of that, and a couple of choice posters graced my wall at one stage. I mean, what hormonal teenage girl wouldn’t have Rob Lowe on her wall?! Right?

No one can deny Rob’s dreamy eyes or overall prettiness. No one.  Sorry for the severe lack of commentary by the way. Frankly, there’s not a lot to say. Rob was scorching hot! The end. So sit back and admire the pretty :)

Early pics

These days they would have made him work out.

Peak Days. St. Elmo onwards.

now Rob posters become super serious, which was a shame because he has a wonderful smile.

My memory is pretty shot but these pectoral pics may have been for Youngblood.

As with St. Elmo, stills and publicity shots of Masquerade made into the teen magazines. Yay!

It’s amazing how you never notice people aging. Including yourself. It’s not until you flick through a decade’s worth of pictures do you notice. Anyway, Rob’s very lucky. He’s always been good looking and I suspect always will be. He certainly was a droolworthy 10 in the 80′s, that’s for sure!

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