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Peter Anthony Robinson AKA Marilyn, was born in Kingston, Jamaica on November 3, 1962 (his mother moved them to England when he was 4). Unfortunately, I don’t recall anything about his childhood although I’m sure he did speak of it during the interviews I watched on TV back in ’84. My memory sucks, however, and there is nothing about his childhood in print so… Jumping ahead in time; Marilyn was one of the infamous Blitz Kids that started my beloved New Romantics.  He and Boy George were regulars at ‘The Blitz’ nightclub, which was a highly stylized nightclub in London and a place which spawned many early 1980s pop stars, Marilyn and George among them. George and Marilyn moved into a squat in Kentish Town, a suburb of London and lived there, with others, for quite a while. Boy George claims they were later chased out by a neighbour who tried to break down the front door with an axe because he was attracted to Marilyn, whom he assumed was a woman and later found out he was a man.

Maz as Marilyn back in the day

Marilyn was one of the actual New Romantics to achieve fame, the others included friend Boy George, Steve Strange (Visage) all of Spandau Ballet, Pete Burns (Dead Or Alive) and Martin Degville (Sigue Sigue Sputnik).

One of my absolute fave pics. Gorgeous!

When I first saw Marilyn I can honestly say I fell instantly in love and he and John Taylor posters ordained my walls. I even had Marilyn on my ceiling, actually! I wish I had small versions of Marilyn’s posters to put on this page because they were beautiful. (Not saying John’s weren’t just…I wish I had small versions of Marilyn’s). I still do have his posters, as well as an autographed photo that I will scan in when I go back to my parents and retrieve it. (Clearly, I lack foresight lol)

Marilyn loves Motown so meeting Diana Ross was a big thrill! Ditto Tina!

It must be screamingly obvious that Marilyn adores Marilyn Monroe but for anyone with any doubt, he does, hence his dressing up to look like her back in the Blitz days. Anyway, I collected all posters of him from the usual teen mags, Smash Hits and Number 1 and when Marilyn did a mini promotional tour of Australia, I was elated! I watched him on everything and furthermore, I recorded every interview. This was on audio cassette btw because we didn’t get a video recorder until Christmas 1984 ;.;  I’d listen to his interviews on my walkman at school when we were meant to be working – I was completely obsessed! My aunt, who was from Russian stock, simply could not fathom my love for him. All she could resort to was “…but he looks like a girl!”  Frankly, I actually never did think Marilyn looked like a girl (sorry if that’s insulting Maz, if you should fall across this page). Back in the Blitz days, yes, he did – but in the 80′s? No, not to me. He just looked like a beautiful man. Remember, gender benders were huge at this time so it was, to me, more a style than anything else. Sort of like metrosexual is now but not.

Sadly, after Marilyn’s amazing debut album, Despite Straight Lines, he, like Boy George and many of the Blitz Kids ended up  addicted to heroin and despite trying to record a follow up album, it just didn’t happen and it appeared for all intents and purposes that he’d dropped off the planet – which sucked. However, on the upside, I read a recent interview with him (2010)  and he was talking about another album and an autobiography – which if he does manage to do I’ll snap up in a heartbeat. He also mentioned he had a daughter. So yes; an autobiography would be an incredible read. That man is so fascinating! I’ll always love him <3

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Above: Perhaps oddly, one of my fave pics of Marilyn. He’s just so cute!

With Madonna (hope he didn’t catch anything) and another with George.

The poster on the right was one of my ultimate favorites and was one of many on my wall.

Don’t ask me why but I LOVE the above. I think because (to me) there’s always been a certain vulnerability about Marilyn that brings out my motherly side, and I see it in this pic.

I remember there was a photo of him from this same time with George bc it was one of my faves – they looked so cute. Who knows, maybe BG took the above.

Marilyn with a certain someone he loves to death. Only putting here b/c Maz looks so hot <3

Marilyn’s stardom may have been short but it was sweet, and he was very definitely a heartthrob.

*some photos borrowed from Maz’s Myspace.