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Rob Lowe

Robert Helper Lowe – born March 17, 1964 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Married makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff in July 1991, they have two sons; Matthew Edward Lowe (b. Sept 24, 1993), and John Owen Lowe (b. Nov 6, 1995). Because of a virus during infancy, Rob is deaf in his right ear.

Despite being part of the infamous Brat Pack, and, obviously, him being very hot, I confess I was never a fangirl of Rob’s per se thus I don’t know much about him outside of the sex tape scandal and that he’s impossibly good looking. So good looking that despite not being interested in his movies (I dismissed most of them them easily) I still collected posters of him from 16 and the like. Simply, he never made movies that were very appealing to me outside of The Outsiders, St. Elmo’s Fire, and Masquerade, which iirc, was wonderful. I also recall my brother and I going to see Hotel New Hampshire [I can’t remember why we wanted to see it but, we did] and I remember us being totally gobsmacked at the incest (Rob and Jodie Foster are brother and sister and Rob is mad about her and they eventually have sex). I was so gobsmacked and repulsed it’s ALL I remember. I can’t tell you a thing about the rest of the film. Seriously.

Despite making films that appeared to be only about sex, Rob is a pretty good actor and if he’d had better script picking abilities I would have happily run to his films. Sadly, however, the majority of the movies Rob made just seemed outside my realm and totally one note.

One of Rob’s best movies (and it was so amazingly cast…just wow) was, of course, The Outsiders. He portrayed the character of Sodapop wonderfully and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who wished there was more of him in the film. There was supposed to be, actually, but a lot of his footage was cut by Warner Bros. which left him heartbroken. According to Emilio, about 75% of Rob’s stuff was cut. In making the film revolve around Dallas (Matt) the core brothers were lopped out of a lot of the film, which really is heartbreaking.

Sodapop’s big scene. Man in the middle.

Rob’s probably most remembered for playing Billy in St. Elmo’s Fire. The film is (and was at the time) popular but Rob unfortunately won a Razzie for his performance :/  Frankly, I think he played Billy extremely well. You both liked and loathed him because lets face it, the character is a complete dick. Nevertheless, we all swooned and Rob once again graced the teen mags.

The film contains most of the Brat Pack (bar Mare Winningham) and is one of the reasons it’s popular.

There are some that claim About Last Night is excellent and perhaps it is; I don’t know because I couldn’t be bothered seeing it. It appeared to be a romantic comedy from the trailers I’d seen and I run a million miles from those. Maybe I’ll see it one day – who knows – then I  can amend this page. I should see it, actually, because I was a fan of Elizabeth Perkins and usually really enjoy James Belushi’s work.

In my humble opinion one of Rob’s best films is Masquerade. It’s a a psychological thriller and co-stars the wonderful Meg Tilly. I don’t recall it setting the box office alight but it’s an excellent film and I recommend it if you haven’t seen it. Rob stars as Tim Whalan, a playboy yachtsman who’s been carrying on with his boss’ insatiable wife (Kim Cattrall), when he meets orphaned heiress Olivia Lawrence (Meg). She falls under Tim’s spell of seduction, but it soon becomes apparent that there’s more to this social climber than meets the eye. What more, you ask? You’ll have to watch ;) btw, Masquerade was nominated for Best Motion Picture by the Edgar Allan Poe Awards.

Kim Cattrall and Doug Savant also co-star in the film. Kim is strong, as usual – Doug a little less so but good nonetheless.

It’s probably unfair to comment on films based on their trailers alone but I didn’t see Class as it seemed both stupid and trashy. Then, I actually fell across it on YouTube and thought ‘why not’ and watched it and yes, it was stupid and trashy – one of those awful 80′s films about an innocent guy (fellow Brat Packer Andrew McCarthy) losing his cherry. The twist being it’s to his roommate’s (Rob) mother. It was schizophrenic; didn’t know whether to be a screwball comedy or serious drama and failed at both. It was also edited with a chainsaw. Oxford Blues looked…dull and predictable. I already gave my thoughts on About Last Night &  as for Youngblood...I simply didn’t care about ice hockey. At.All. Nor did I care about a guy who was desperate to play it.

The good news is Jonathan is having his first affair.
The bad news is she’s his roommate’s mother
” *eyeroll*

“He’s conned his way into Oxford University
Now he’s learning how to be a WINNER!”

Conned his way into Oxford. Need I say more?

Riveting poster. I just didn’t care. I still don’t.

Rob’s star was beginning to wane a little when the sex scandal happened and his career totally nose dived after that. However, by the time he graced our small screens on the utterly brilliant The West Wing – it seemed all was forgiven and, happily, he is enjoying a resurgence.  Despite it all though, he is a fairly big slice of the 80′s for me and when I recall my teen years, Rob’s definitely a big part of the mix.

He definitely was a honey <3

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