Christine's take on what was cool in the 80s.

Actors – Male

I’m sure everyone will expect the Brat Pack and usual John Hughes crowd here -and some may well be – but, for me, the actors in the 80′s were far more than just them and they didn’t define the actors of the decade at all. As previously stated in the movies section, the 80′s was when I really got ‘into’ film and it wasn’t just behind the scenes stuff that fascinated me. I began to appreciate excellence in acting as well. And I’m not just speaking about favorites – I mean I began loving actors – both male and female – for their talent. I love spotting someone new and following their careers or discovering someone that’s been around for ages…and following their careers lol. I’m the one my family and friends lean over to ask ‘what’s his name and where do i know him from again?‘ during a movie or TV show. So – without further ado – click the submenu to see who was big (and appreciated) in the 80′s.