Christine's take on what was cool in the 80s.

Actors – Female

Personally, (and I’m not alone here), I think women are better actors than men. I’m not too sure why – perhaps having to be more intuitive for children or something or, maybe we’re just better liars lol. You may disagree that they’re better and that’s fair enough but personally, I think they are. This was a discovery I made during the 80′s while I was enjoying film and TV and noting actors that I connected with the most. Anyway, you may note the above ladies are not your usual 80′s fair when looking for 80′s actresses. No Molly, Ally or Demi. Don’t worry, they’re in the list but the above three made the bigger impact. Anyway, all debate aside, if you’d like to see the others on my list – click the submenu :)